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We are putting an end to the copying by copyrighting everything we say.


Aggravated Aping

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Car Inc. is getting on my nerves.


Copy Cars

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Car Inc. is copying us even more. They are copying everything we do and say. (I don’t understand how they are still in business after threatening people with a death ray and causing an alien invasion)


An Insincere Form of Flattery

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Car Inc. is copying our billboards.


Fed Up

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We went to a fancy restaurant for Bill’s birthday. The service was really slow. So we filled up on appetizers thinking that they were the main course.


Where No Penguin Has Gone Before

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We saw Star Trek into Darkness. We thought about buying a huge spaceship. But we would probably crash it just like the car, and we didn’t want to do more community service.



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We had to do community service because of the damage yesterday.


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